Great service Intended for foreign business person who wants to attract Japanese customers

Pay-per-performance basis affiliate advertisement (Totally free of charge)

Hermit Affiliate

With NO Initial cost or extra fee. It’s completely free. Suitable affiliate service especially for WEB services, BtoB businesses, and promotion for start-ups.

Benefits of Affiliate Advertisement

Affiliate advertisement is a type of performance-based marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate’s own marketing efforts.

It is highly accepted and introduced by a bunch of companies because of its great cost-effectiveness.

Save time

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Mobile friendly

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Advantages of “Pay-per-performance basis”

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Purchasing something, inquireing for brochures and application for the service… 
these actions caused by viewer are the key for you to get rewards.

Affiliate advertisement is a kind of “pay-per-performance advertisement” and it can contribute to find new customers and increase turnover of the company.

Superior points of placing affiliate ads

Pay-per-performance basis and great cost-effectiveness.

  • Because affiliate advertisement is one type of pay-per-performance oriented ad, you don’t need to pay unnecessarily fee to irrelevant customers.
  • This ad would never charge any cost. You don’t need to worry about any front-end cost problem either and that can bring you quite good cost effectiveness.

Quite stable. Low risk for the budget.

  • Advertisers can determine the price for achievements at your will. Plus, No extra fee would be charged other than per performance.
  • Compared with other kind of ads, drastic fluctuation of price wouldn’t happen a lot. That makes this affiliate ad quite low risk.

Many appealing methods. Raising awareness easily.

  • Affiliate ad offers you wide range of appealing methods such as unique articles and reviews. Various ways to attract customers and views can provide them with more detailed information and make it easier for advertisers to accomplish higher conversion rate.
  • Advertisers can raise view’s awareness efficiently because one affiliate ad contract covers comprehensive ad promotion and affiliate ads are going to be featured by several web pages.

Flow from application to implementing service

  • Inquiry
  • Application (Application from the format)
  • Being Examined (You can check the result by e-mail)
  • Factory Setting (Installing tags and management portal)
  • Implementing service (Getting advertisement started)


B to B businesses such as WEB services, FinTech, WEB Marketing tools intended for foreign EC trades, accounting, taxation, legal matters, financial settlement, technical school (ex. programming,design), and so on are our strong areas.

Adult content, gambling related ones, and advertising against public order and morals are strictly prohibited to place.

Application, Embeding a tag, and setting up a advertisement are required 3 steps to implement advertisement. This could be done within one week at the earliest.

We regret to inform you but only corporation can be registered as advertiser.